After the completion of three year DAE in Computer information Technology the individual can get many career opportunities in different Government and Private Organizations inside & outside the country such as:

  • DAE Computer IT Employments Areas
  • Public Sector Organizations (Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC),NESCOM)
  • Multinational Industries (Oil, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and energy sectors)
  • Hardware/Software Companies
  • Academic Institutions
  • Telecommunication Companies (Zong, Ufone, Telenor)
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Aerospace and Defense Sector
  • Healthcare Companies
  • Agricultural Sector
  • DAE Computer IT Job Types
  • Data base administrators
  • Software Web developers
  • Computer Lab Specialist and supervisors
  • Teaching as Lecturer in Computer IT
  • IT security specialists
  • Network Architects
  • Technical Support IT experts
  • User Interface Developers
  • Back Office Technical Support Engineer
  • Associate Computer Software Engineer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Multimedia Programmer Cyber security/Software quality assurance/ Cloud Computing  etc

Higher Education Opportunities for DAE Computer IT Graduates

DAE in Computer IT is equivalent to FSC. Pre Engineering. After the completion of DAE in the Computer IT students can get admission in the following fields:

  • B.Sc engineering in the following fields from any reputed engineering institutes like UET/NUST/GIKI etc.
  • Engineering in Computer Software
  • Engineering in Computer Hardware
  • Engineering in Computer IT
  • B.Com in Information Technology
  • B.S in Computer Science

If students want to discontinue their technical education at this point then they can pursue B.S in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Electronics from any public sector university.