Dress is basic necessity of human being. In present age dress making has become an industrial art. The basic objective of this art is to prepare all sorts of dresses within the shortest possible time and at a minimum cost. Dress Designing and Making is an art of designing dresses according to the shape and size of the person, keeping in view the personality. While designing a dress you must have the knowledge of the personality, what kind of dress will suite that person, their complexion, feature, body structure and height.

Here training in dress designing, cutting and stitching is provided in a systematic manner. This is done under proper procedure which is called the art of dress making. This three years diploma course enables the students to become efficient designer and dress makers in the art of modern tailoring. Here students are taught to merge shapes and forms from nature in their design and gain enough confidence to create original design digitally with the help of software such as coral draw. By learning the art of dress making, our young women not only participate in national development but they have also advantage of having self- employment at their residence and can earn better livelihood.