Architecture Engineering is also known as Building Engineering. It has a broad area includes Aesthetics, Spatial design, material management & safety management. Architectural Engineers utilize the engineering principles & Technology for the designing & planning. The progress in technology has brought about fast development in every field. Suddenly, we have been seeing huge towering buildings in place of small unimpressive structures. Today, we see only Skyscrapers, Shopping Malls, Offices, Residential, Commercial Apartments, and Hotels & Multiplexes.

It is needless to say that this revolution is caused by Architectural engineering. Architectural engineers are also known as Architects, are involved in every phase of planning, Designing & Construction of buildings. Taking care of economic, safety functional aspects of a building &solves problems that erupt at any stage of construction. Architectural engineering is very interesting, but you need or must have the right aptitude only then you can succeed in this carrier. Architect should be a talented artist, good in drawing & sketching, imagination & creativity is the strength of an Architect. A general structure can be built at a minimum cost only if the Architectural Technology is properly applied. Architects must have good communication & coordination skills with all the people including the contractors, surveyors, technical staff and engineer.

The participation of women in the field of architecture is not only a national requirement but they have the advantage of providing self-employment within the walls of their own homes in field of Drawing & Drafting, Designing, Quantity Surveying, Model Making & Site Supervision.

The DAE course aims to prepare professional assistants to Architectural engineers & students for advance studies and research through a comprehensive knowledge and skills in an intellectual and creative environment. The course is designed to equip students with all the skills necessary for good architectural practice. To understand the bases of emerging forms of Architecture in Pakistan and other countries, the department has kept pace with changes & advancement in technology.