The field of Electronics revolves around the design and construction of electronic devices which are used to control the behavior of electrons. Electronics Technology is one of the fastest growing disciplines as it is applied in almost every field. Applications such as, high speed data communications, automatic power systems, Control Systems, Aerospace Technology, Computer hardware, Industrial Automation, robotics are all electronics driven. Besides, Electronics is a very essential part of modern life as all our daily needs are dependent on various electronics instruments, i.e., from the hand held MP3 players to high definition television sets are all electronics devices which cater for our every need. As a result, this industry has grown substantially in the past century and it is predicted to grow at unprecedented rates as technologies are developed and new applications emerge.

As the Electronic Technology has diversified in applications, the need for this industry has increased manifold. Experts are needed for production and maintenance of electronic systems. These experts are provided by diploma in electronic technology, a program which aims to present students with the technical skills to manipulate electronic systems. The objective of Diploma in Electronics program is to train individuals for entry-level jobs in Electronics.

Graduates of this program will qualify for work as technicians in following areas: Computer maintenance, Communications, Medical Electronics, and Consumer Electronics. The program starts familiarizing students with the fundamentals of electricity and electronics and then trains them in the different specialized areas such as communications, power electronics, microwave etc. The program is also designed to provide students with broad perspective of electronics systems. Furthermore, it provides a balanced education and training in computer technology through the inclusion of microprocessor related courses. The program curriculum is a mixture of theory and extensive hands-on activities. The objective of this course is to produce skilled technologists in the field of Electronics and to advance electronics industry in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.