Innovative ideas and Entrepreneur ship center (IIEC)

Translating Ideas and Tapping Opportunities


Technical and vocational education and training is focused on grooming its students to serve as skilled workers for a diverse workplace like industries and business concerns. Workplaces have become more complex, automated and logic based with intelligence embedded into different system which require workers to be flexible, creative and be innovative in their work domain.

The dynamics of jobs availability and the nature of jobs have drastically reduced the opportunities in the public sector organizations. This has led to a situation where students are compelled to either work in private sector firms and or start their own businesses based on their technological background and skills gained.  Being conscious of the changing demand we are trying to integrate education/ training, job placement services and promoting entrepreneurial potentials to be tapped for self-employment through venture creation.

With the changing scenario and new market requirements, the management of GPIW, Peshawar established IIEC for playing a role in instilling creativity among the students by providing them understanding on the creative processes, ideas generation, development and utilizing them for solutions to problems in the technological arenas, society and other project based interventions. Creative Ideas Corner is a co-curricular establishment and will be run on volunteerism by the committee assigned for it with no regular remuneration and will be recognized as extension service of the teachers/ staff to students.


The IIEC will be geared to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Familiarize students on how to start creative thinking and Inspires them to come up with novel Ideas to social and technological problems
  2. Provide Display Center of student’s creative work and Ideas
  3. Organize exhibitions and competition to show case skills and technology projects including supervision of final years students’ projects
  4. Facilitate development of entrepreneurial Ideas and activities

Committee for IIEC

The committee is being chaired by the Principal and will be assisted by HOD of Each Technology.